Looking to put together an awesome package for your next Myrtle Beach golf vacation? At Golf package Central we’re here to help. In this section, we’ll discuss what makes a great package, the process of working with us, the ability to customize your itinerary, and more. You can find additional answers to other Myrtle Beach golf vacation related questions on our main FAQ page.

What makes a Great Golf Package?

Course Selection – You’ll certainly pass up some great golf courses if you solely choose the least expensive courses available. Likewise, you will miss some incredible gems if you only choose the most expensive courses out there as well. What about 36 hole days? Rob and Josh know it all…it can be tricky and good advice is important!

Convenient Accommodations – To most golfers lodging is not the most important item of their Myrtle Beach Golf Package. Some prefer golf villas while others prefer oceanfront. However, the majority simply want a clean condo or hotel that is convenient to the golf courses they are playing. Don’t waste hours on Google printing off maps and bogus reviews…we will be more than glad to help you and the group decide what is best for your Trip!

Reliability – Repeat business is paramount for our future success. Our clients know what to expect from their chosen accommodations and tee-times are guaranteed when you get there. No hidden Fees & Gotchas when you arrive at your destination!

Personal Service – There is a growing trend by the “movers & shakers” in Myrtle Beach Golf to push the “Do-it-Yourself” online Myrtle Beach Golf Packages. They make more money that way at your expense…Don’t fall for it! (read more on why NOT to book using online booking engines here). GolfPackageCentral.com is committed to giving you the personal service that you and your group deserve. Rob and Josh have played all the golf courses and continue to stay on top of course conditions so that expectations are exceeded upon your arrival!

The Process?

Here is how we work together to get you’re your Myrtle Beach Golf Package setup. If this is your very first golf trip that you have tried to put together then you are going to be pleasantly surprised at how easy it is when you work with the right people. And, if you are a veteran Group Leader with many trips under your belt, we want you wishing that you had found us long before this! There can be lots of pressure put on a group leader to get the trip right! For many this is the “BIG” vacation for the year and not only do you have the monetary investment but also it might be the only time you are able to get together with your golfing buddies that you haven’t seen all year! DON’T worry…we work so very closely with you from start to finish with plenty of emails back and forth and good phone conversations so that you know everyone will have a great time!

Here is how it all works:

  • You establish your dates of travel and how you are going to get to Myrtle Beach (Flying or Driving). If flying it is best to go ahead and research flights and where you would like to fly into and what times different airlines arrive and depart on the dates you have chosen.
  • Contact us either by email or phone and we begin the dialogue of what you would like to do. We have been doing this for a long time and we know the questions to ask to get you going in the right direction. Questions such as level of the group’s ability, importance of nightlife, willingness to travel if golf courses and value is there, and a general idea of per golfer budget all help to get us started.
  • Next up the quote – we send you a very detailed quote with everything spelled out and no hidden charges. Most likely there will be some feedback from you and your group and some back and forth to adjust the schedule to get it just right. We will work until we have it nailed down to exactly what you want to do!
  • After receiving the ok from you we go ahead and book ALL reservations and tee-times to get as close as possible to our planned schedule. No deposits are required prior to booking – just an honest understanding that we intend to work together. After everything is booked (usually within 24 hours) we will email you confirmation of your itinerary. You have the opportunity to review it and let us know if there is anything that needs adjusting. If something needs to be adjusted, no problem, just let us know and we will take care of it.
  • Once you have approved the reservation is good to go you can forward the completed reservation form to your entire group. On the reservation you will have a package number (typically something such as MBCA-JG001) that references your particular package as well as information on where to go pay online or send a check. (See Payment Info section here)
  • Once the final payment is made (typically 3 weeks before your arrival date) we assemble all of your Myrtle Beach Golf Packages documents. In just a few days you will receive a comprehensive Golf Package delivered right to your home. Included in this packet will be Golf Vouchers for the courses, Scorecards, Accommodation Vouchers and check-in instructions (if applicable), Maps, and any other discount or free admission vouchers we can come up with, all of this in your hands before you leave home!
  • You arrive in Myrtle Beach on your arrival day and have the very best Myrtle Beach Golf Package ever!

Is it possible to customize your Myrtle Beach Golf Package?

Absolutely! In fact most of our Myrtle Beach Golf Packages [link to the packages page] are customized. Many golfers searching on the web come across our website and find a “Special” that they like however it might not fit their exact schedule. Maybe you intend to play more golf courses or stay an extra night. What if you added Barefoot Golf Resort  into the mix what would that cost? When you request your Myrtle Beach Golf Package Quote, simply let us know what you would like and we can make it happen!

Can we book Golf Only Packages-We already have our lodging setup?

With our Myrtle Beach Golf Packages we are more than happy to book just the golf portion of your trip. You tell us where you are staying to help give us a reference on location and we can help you decide which courses will best work for you and your group. There is NO penalty or higher fee for booking just the golf.

How much does is cost our spouses (or significant other) to come and stay if they do not play golf?

Spouses (or significant others) do not get charged for any golf fees if they do not play. If your group has book both Golf and Lodging then we are more than happy to provide you with the lodging only portion of what your trip costs so you can break it down among the golfers and non-golfers.

Why choose to work with a Golf Director like here at GolfPackageCentral.com rather than just book online? GREAT Question…Glad you asked!

Right now there are diligent Group Leaders scouring the web for information and are seeing more and more invitations to book their Myrtle Beach Golf Packages online with one of those automated booking systems. While the big Myrtle Beach course and hotel conglomerates are really pushing this as the way of the future, (they make way more $$ that way), it just doesn’t work. Here is why:

Ready to book a 36 hole day in Myrtle Beach? Well many of those automated online systems will happily let you schedule Thistle in the morning and Pawley’s Plantation in the afternoon. The problem? They are over an hour apart. What about course maintenance that day – you will never find out on those automated booking sites AND could end up playing on recently aerified (PUNCHED) greens. And, these “online booking systems” won’t tell you about frost delays in February, double teeing [link to definition of double teeing] at 95% of the courses, and all the other little nuances to be taken into consideration when putting together an awesome Myrtle Beach Golf Package! Oh, and we love this one…let’s say you are trying to book Caledonia in peak season at 1030am…it will let you pick that tee time and think that you have reserved that time until at the very last minute it comes back to let you know that hey Caledonia does have that time available. IN FACT…that tee time doesn’t even exist on the tee sheet!!

Look…computer automation is great (in most cases). However, there are too many factors that come into play when booking a Myrtle Beach Golf Package to solely rely on what someone has entered into a computer screen. Why not get local and logical advice from someone who wants to put the best package forward that makes sense for you. If you are the type of person who likes to talk on the phone … GREAT … give us a call 888-804-0481 (Toll Free) and we will be more than happy to talk to you about Myrtle Beach Golf Packages (or customize one) with you. However, if you would rather not talk on the phone (or at work and can’t talk…LOL) simply send us an email and we will gladly take a look at your requirements and put together as many different options for some great Myrtle Beach Golf Packages.

REMEMBER…we are INDEPENDENT and have NO incentive to steer you to a particular resort or course. Our goal is to arrange the BEST Myrtle Beach Golf Packages for you and your group and provide you with the BEST customer’s service in Myrtle Beach. The potential for savings and peace of mind are huge.

So forget that damn spinning icon, and call a real live person- 888-804-0481 as GolfPackageCentral.com is the best place to start and we’re ready to help you and your group!


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