Online Booking – You’re Kidding

Diligent Group Leaders scouring the web for Myrtle Beach golf package information are seeing more and more invitations to book their packages on line. While the big Myrtle Beach course and hotel conglomerates are really pushing this as the way of the future, (they make way more $$ that way) , it just doesn’t work.

I’m sure you’ve tried it. After you have entered all your dates, course preferences, etc., and have stared mesmerized at the little spinning wheel for minute after minute, only to find out tee-times are not available or rates aren’t loaded yet -you need to start ALL OVER AGAIN! Aaarrrggg!! Even if you land times, here is where the extra money is made. Some examples: You will never have the system come back and say ” well- if you play Caledonia on Thursday and World Tour on Wednesday you can pick up the $20 mid-week savings on World Tour.

And it’s not just the money- If you need a 36 hole day but it’s your first trip to Myrtle Beach the system will happily let you book Thistle in the AM and Pawleys Plantation in the PM. The problem?? They are over an hour apart. Course maintenance that day- you will never find out this way and could end up playing on recently punched greens. And it won’t tell you about frost delays in February, double teeing at 95% of the courses, and all the other little nuances to be taken into consideration when putting a great schedule together.

This is where a real live Golf Director who knows his/her stuff comes into play. You get local and logical advice from someone who wants to put the best package forward that makes sense for you. The potential for savings and peace of mind are huge.

So forget that darn spinning icon, and call a real live person- 888-804-0481 as Golf Package Central is the best place to start and we’re ready to help you…