Myrtle Beach Nightlife

By November 24, 2014Fun

For the nocturnal crowd at Myrtle Beach, there are an unlimited number of bars and restaurants that offer great entertainment all night long. From live music to karaoke and local bands, you will be surrounded by sizzling nightlife.

There may be times when you’re all dressed up to have a good time out, but don’t seem to have a place in mind to go to. Rest assured this won’t happen when you’re on a Myrtle Beach golf vacation. The nightlife at Myrtle Beach offers the best form of entertainment you can imagine. With the dining, clubbing, live shows, and family outing points, Myrtle Beach’s nightlife is always known as the jewel of Grand Strand.

The night comes alive once the sun sets on the Atlantic Ocean. Whether you spend the day golfing, at the office, on the beach or at one of the many attractions in Myrtle Beach, the night will surely be even more exciting for you.

When talking about Myrtle Beach golf specials, the nightlife is definitely one of the first things night loving golfers inquire about. If you are a night person too and want to make the most of your nightlife at Myrtle Beach, there are so many places to go to.

Here are some good recommendations for you:

Masters Gentlemen’s Club

Masters Gentlemen’s Club is the largest men’s club in Myrtle Beach. Serving fine liquor, wine and beer, it is the best strip club in the city with over a hundred girls available for men’s nightly entertainment.

Senor Frogs

Situated in the north of Myrtle Beach, Senor Frog adds to nightlife fun with its Mexican theme, exquisite menu, tasty drinks, DJs, live music, shot girls and fun contests.

Crocodile Rocks

Named after the popular song by Elton John, Crocodile Rocks is lots of fun. Offering enjoyable piano numbers with waitresses going around tables serving drinks, you will surely have a great time at the Crocodile Rocks after a hectic day of golf.


If you are looking for a very energetic night out, Afterdeck is the place to be. It is a high energy club in the complete sense, with all the entertainment harbored in one night. It is located at North King’s Highway, Myrtle Beach.


Revolutions is a retro style club, where you can enjoy great music of the 70s, 80s and 90s. It is located at the Celebrity Circle, right in front of the beach.

Blarney Stones Irish Pub

This is a down home local pub, located at the Broadway at the Beach. The pub is a hive of activity in the night, when everyone is out to have fun. Though some say there is nothing Irish about the food here, but it is definitely nothing to complain about either.

Broadway Louie’s

Broadway Louie is located at Celebrity Square, and features a sports/games side with virtual, video and arcade games, as well as 50 screens on which people can watch their favorite teams play. The karaoke is also very entertaining, which begins at 9 pm every night. However, Broadway Louie’s is known for its famous grill, which serves different tasty appetizers and menu items that include pizza and subs.

The Bowery

The Bowery is home to the world famous country music super group Alabama. Being the first celebrity music group to hit Myrtle Beach, the group is commemorated by its classic music.

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