Golf package Central offers some of the most competitively priced golf packages in the Myrtle Beach area. In this sections you’ll find information on our pricing, making payments, refunds, and our cancellation policy. If you have any additional questions, do not hesitate to contact us or check out our main FAQ section.

How much does a Myrtle Beach Golf Package Cost?

The awesome thing about Myrtle Beach is that it has been considered the Golf Capitol of the World for over 20 years. We offer over 80 courses that you and your group can choose from and what this in turn means is that there is Myrtle Beach Golf Packages out there for just about any group for any budget. Myrtle Beach Golf Prices can vary from some of the most economical, but still very solid and nice, all the way up to some of the most exclusive resorts in the world. Simply give us some parameters to work with and we can present you and your group with several different options that you will surly love to play!

Are your Myrtle Beach Golf package prices based strictly off of course quality?

These are great questions and believe it or not…NO…not always is a course better than another course just because it might be priced a little higher. Sometimes the determining factor maybe location. For example, let’s just say you are looking at playing Rivers Edge (which happens to be located near the northern tip of the golfing strand…so not in central Myrtle Beach) and their rate happens to be $80. Then you take a look at something like Pine Lakes located in central Myrtle Beach great location for around $90 at the same time. In this case…no I would not say that Pine Lakes is better than Rivers Edge. However, they can price their course higher due to the location of where the golf course sits in proximity to central Myrtle Beach.

How can I save money booking a Myrtle Beach Golf Package?

There are several different techniques to saving lots of money when booking your Myrtle Beach Golf Packages. Let’s take a look at a few:

  • Book your Golf Package [link to packages page] through in independent company like Golf Package Central.
  • Try to bring groups of 4 Golfers – normally this will be the most cost effective way for your lodging and will eliminate any single golfer ever getting paired up with your group.
  • BOOK EARLY BOOK EARLY BOOK EARLY – Many of the Myrtle Beach Golf courses are trending to giving out some incredible deals to their independent providers for golfers who book early.
  • Play your rounds in off-peak times. Courses love to give discounts for golfers who will play before 8:30 am and after 1:00 pm (sometimes 12 noon). Also, Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays as well are slower golfing days.
  • Book the right package for you and your group. Combine packages if saving are there. Move days rounds are booked on to maximize your savings. Golf Package Central can and will do all of this for you!

Cancellations & Refunds-Always important information to know before booking?

You have to cancel the entire trip- now what happens?

We certainly know that no one would want to cancel a Myrtle Beach Golf Vacation on purpose. But things happen sometimes that are beyond your control. There are many options out there can help especially if you are booking airline flights and so forth, options like Travel Insurance…just make sure to read the fine print and understand what the insurance covers. Typically it can be well worth it just for the flight cost alone.

If you choose not to purchase travel insurance or see no real need to if you are not flying then don’t worry our policy here at Golf Package Central is probably the best and most lenient in the industry. Here is how it works – If you cancel your entire trip 14 days prior to your arrival date Golf Package Central you will refund ALL of your money by check less a 2.5% processing fee for payments made by credit card.  This isn’t money I keep – the bank took it when the payment was made.  If you want your refund by credit card expect another 2.5% hit.  IF you paid by check guess what – NO REFUND PENALTY!  If you happen to cancel your entire Myrtle Beach Golf Package inside of the 14 day window we will have to work on more of case by case basis (only because we have contracts with our lodging and golf partners). However, one thing to know for sure…if we don’t get charged for something we certainly are not going to charge you. 90.0% of the time we are able to get back the groups entire amount inside that 14 day window – usually worst case is that you might lose 1 night lodging and 1 round of golf fees.

Another scenario is that your entire group doesn’t cancel but rather a golfer or two might have to drop out at the last minute. Unfortunately, this happens from time to time. Just let us know as soon as possible. If there is enough time to find a replacement golfer (and we will work to give you every possible extra day) then there would be no financial impact. We would simply collect from the replacement golfer and return everything we have received on behalf of the golfers who must cancel. If you cannot find a replacement golfer, then the courses would be advised to change downwards the numbers of golfers on the tee sheet. There would be an impact on our lodging because everything is priced based on occupancy levels ( 4 in a condo, 2 in a hotel room, etc). Often, at the very last minute, the golfer who must stay home will leave his lodging portion in the pot so that no one else is impacted. In almost every case we can still get his entire golf portion back to him and most are very satisfied with that. Every case turns out to be a little different, but rest assured – we do everything possible to make it a smooth and painless as possible for all.

Refunds are issued within 30 days of your departure date via check. You can read more on the Myrtle Beach Golf Packages FAQ [link to this page ] page under “The Process”.

Are there incentives or discounts for Larger Groups?

For every 20 golfers that stays and plays the same package each day, 1 trip is FREE. Another great option or alternative to the “FREE” trip is we can also offer a “Headquarters” condo in lieu of the free trip. This option is very popular with large groups as it is a great place to get together to play cards, bring in pizza, setup scoreboards, leave food and coolers, as well you have two extra bedrooms at your disposal in case one of your buddies just needs to crash there for the night.

How does Golf Package Central display their pricing-What’s included?

If you are on our website under Myrtle Beach Golf Packages [link to the packages page online] most of the pricing for those packages will be displayed as what the golf rates are for that particular package as well as what the lodging rates would be if you wanted to add lodging to your package.

Many Myrtle Beach Golf Packagers try to HIDE ALL of their rates by combining everything and never giving you the breakdown on what costs what. Here at Golf Package Central we are full disclosure and are happy to break it out so you can see exactly what you are paying for. All of our prices include all Green Fees, all Cart Fees, Lodging (if applicable), and ALL TAXES!! No Hidden Fees, No Hidden Costs, No Gotchas when you arrive!!

How and when do I pay for my Myrtle Beach Golf Vacation?

You and your has two ways to pay for your golf package. Some of this is discussed in the Myrtle Beach Golf Packages FAQ Page [link to that page] under “The Process”. In a nut-shell here is how that process takes place:

  • The group leader emails the group members the itinerary with the reservations attached. We normally ask that the group leader pays an initial $100 deposit which covers holding the package for the entire group. Then each group member is responsible for their portion of the package to be paid roughly 3 weeks prior to the arrival date.
  • Each group member either goes online to pay using our secure online payment system [link to online payment system] or they can mail a check to:

Golf Package Central
PO Box 585

Whiteville NC 28472

*Please indicate your package number located on the top right of the reservations (should look something like MBCA-JG1234)*

Why not just book online using one of those online Golf Booking engines-Can’t I save money that way?

Right now there are diligent Group Leaders scouring the web for Myrtle Beach Golf Package information and are seeing more and more invitations to book their Myrtle Beach Golf Vacations online with one of those automated booking systems (YIKES)…

While the big Myrtle Beach course and hotel conglomerates are really pushing this as the way of the future, (they make way more $$ that way), it just doesn’t work.

For example: Ready to book a 36 hole day in Myrtle Beach? Well many of those automated online systems will happily let you schedule Thistle in the morning and Pawley’s Plantation in the afternoon. The problem? They are over an hour apart. What about course maintenance that day – you will NEVER find out on those automated booking sites AND could end up playing on recently aerified (PUNCHED) greens. And, these “online booking systems” won’t tell you about frost delays in February, double teeing at 95% of the courses (if you see a 1030 tee time at Caledonia you know it’s a fake), and all the other little nuances to be taken into consideration when putting together an awesome Myrtle Beach Golf Package!

This is where a REAL LIVE Golf Director who knows his/her stuff (you know one that actually plays golf…not just someone answering a phone) comes into play. You get local and logical advice from someone who wants to put the best package forward that makes sense for you. If you are the type of person who likes to talk on the phone … GREAT … give me a call 888-804-0481 (Toll Free) and I shall be more than happy to talk to you about any of our Myrtle Beach Golf Packages (or customize one) with you. However, if you would rather not talk on the phone (or at work and can’t talk…LOL) simply send me an email and I shall gladly take a look at your requirements and put together different options for some great Myrtle Beach Golf Packages.

REMEMBER…I am INDEPENDENT and have NO incentive to steer you to a particular resort or course. My goal is to arrange the BEST Myrtle Beach Golf Packages for you and your group and provide you with the BEST customer’s service in Myrtle Beach. The potential for savings and peace of mind are huge.


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