Golf package Central is here to help you play and book your next Myrtle Beach golf trip. In this section, you’ll find answers to many frequently asked questions about getting to the area, course policies, replays and more. If you have additional questions, do not hesitate to contact us or visit our main FAQ Section.

What is the Myrtle Beach Golf Dress Code?

Many Myrtle Beach golf courses do in fact have dress codes. Typically, never wear jeans on your Myrtle Beach Golf Trips because most courses don’t allow them. Also, some type of Golf Shirt is required – this can be any type of Polo looking shirt-No T-Shirts. Shorts are fine to wear however most courses will not allow any type of denim or cut offs, including denim or cut off shorts.

Are soft spikes required to play Myrtle Beach Golf Trips?

Metal spikes are pretty much a thing of the past unless you are playing on the PGA Tour. Most of the courses in Myrtle Beach have instated a NO METAL SPIKE policy. Also, it’s always good to bring an extra pair of shoes just in case you happen to run into a little rain.

Can I book a Myrtle Beach Golf Trip if I am just a single golfer?

Unfortunately, we cannot book a one person package. The golf courses will not allow us to book a guaranteed tee time for a single golfer with the discounted rates we receive so far in advance. However, what you can do is to wait until you arrive in Myrtle Beach and simply call the course you want to play. The pro shop will be happy to pair you up with someone else if there are openings in the tee sheet.

Carts VS Walking?

Carts are required for all Myrtle Beach Golf Trips. Every package that arranges comes all inclusive with the cart fees included in all of our prices. If you playing partner wants to drive the golf cart and allow you to walk down the fairway once you get going that should not be a problem…as long as you keep up with the group in front and are ready to hit when it’s your turn to play.

Can I arrange a caddy at the golf courses?

Currently there are no Myrtle Beach Golf Courses that have regular caddies available for looping. There are some other services that we can discuss that we can help arrange that will allow you to have a caddy (or rather attractive lady) ride along with you and your group. For more information just give us a call 888-804-0481.

Can I replay the Myrtle Beach Golf Courses our group plays?

Guaranteed replays and same day replays based on the availability on that day are the two types of replays that would be available on your Myrtle Beach Golf Trip. A guaranteed replay is typically at the same course or a sister course (on site) that can be booked through and you actually have a guaranteed tee time just as you would on a normal morning round of golf. Replays based on availability are just that…these are same day replays that you would simply inquire in the pro shop about after your morning round of golf. If there is an opening on the tee sheet then the golf course will give you a same day replay rate (typically a pretty good deal) and have you pay them directly onsite.

What is the center of the Myrtle Beach Golfing area?

The Myrtle Beach golfing area is over 75 miles long, stretching all the way from Pawley’s Island South Carolina up to North Myrtle Beach continuing into Calabash North Carolina ending up around Southport North Carolina and even Bald Head Island.

How will I know which courses my group will enjoy the most on my Myrtle Beach Golf Trip?

If this is going to be your first visit to Myrtle Beach to play golf the task of deciding which courses to play can be quite daunting. However, we have tried to make this process as easy as it can be. If you are reading this then you have probably already taken a glance at our Myrtle Beach Golf Package Specials. [link to packages page] Hopefully you have found some good information about the courses on those pages or you might have had time to do a little online research as well.

With that said, we feel it is best to simply give us a call or send us an email simply letting us know what you are looking for on your Myrtle Beach Golf Trip. We have played all of the courses and are able to help tremendously with deciding which courses to play. This will save you an incredible amount of time and money!

How long will it take us to drive to Myrtle Beach South Carolina?

  • Raleigh, NC – 3 Hours
  • Charleston, SC – 1 Hour 45 Minutes
  • Charlotte, NC – 4 Hours
  • Atlanta, GA – 6 Hours
  • Columbus, OH – 11 Hours
  • Washington, DC – 7 Hours
  • New York, NY – 11 Hours
  • Montreal, QC – 15 Hours 45 Minutes

Can arrange my air travel for me?

Not a chance…not with websites out there like , , , , and . This is a case where the online booking engines do a fabulous job getting you a great deal of good information so that you can decide which airline and flights to book for your Myrtle Beach Golf Trip.

What about flying into Myrtle Beach?

Flying into Myrtle Beach is a breeze compared to most other destinations. You can check out the Myrtle Beach International Airports website as well we have included some additional information below:

Carriers Flying into and around the Myrtle Beach area: Airport Code for Myrtle Beach is: MYR

  • WestJet – WestJet which is Canada’s #1 Airline has launched non-stop service into Myrtle Beach International Airport. You can click here to find out more about their direct flights and other deals for your Myrtle Beach Golf Trip.
  • Spirit Airlines – Now offering Non-Stop service from CHICAGO O’HARE, ATLANTA, PITTSBURGH, NEWARK, and many more into Myrtle Beach. Spirit also tends to run many deep discounted rates throughout the year as well. Check out their website at to find out more.
  • Porter Air – Porter Airlines flies directly out of Toronto City Centre Airport (TCCA). Check out their deals and routes here at .
  • Allegiant Airlines – Known for low-low fares with nonstop all jet services to many small cities around the globe. Always a good idea to check the special rates running here at .
  • Southwest Airlines – If you can’t find a great deal flying directly into Myrtle Beach a great alternative is to check out Southwest’s flights going into Charleston South Carolina. At only about 1 Hour 45 minutes this is an easy drive to Myrtle Beach…and especially if you save enough money flying Southwest on one of their incredible discounted fares. Check out the deals here .
  • US Airways/United & Delta Airlines– All 3 of the major airlines also fly into Myrtle Beach SC. Check out their schedules and prices here for (US Airways/United) & (Delta)

Some of the other airports located nearby would be Charleston International Airport , Wilmington International Airport , as well as Raleigh/Durham International Airport.

What about transportation once we arrive? Does arrange rental cars?

We currently do not arrange the transportation once you arrive in Myrtle Beach. However, since you are booking your Myrtle Beach Golf Trip with we will include some coupons for Anchor Taxi as well as information on rental cars so that you can have these arrangements planned well ahead of time.


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